Getting Ready for Dublin

It’s hard to believe it is only six days to the Dublin show.  Today a group of men from the club will be going down the field to stake out the lanes, set up the barrels, set up the trailer, and generally do the many tasks that need to be done so the field is all ready for next weekend.

Last year I collected money at the gate, so can appreciate the work that goes into making the show happen. In addition to setting up the field, a group of people help park all those cars from people who come to the show. There is someone who waters the lanes to keep the dust down on a hot day. The trailer is busy with exhibitors and members, and of course someone selling the mugs and t-shirts. The food vendors offer a good choice for your show food lunch. We can always use an extra pair of hands so if you can spare some time, stop by the trailer and see Phil or John.

I’ve been a wife of a club member and for a long time always thought of it as ‘his’ thing. But since I”m doing the web site, I’m interested in how the shows started, what goes into putting them together, and all the great people who bring their iron to them. I’ve even got an exhibit – a working mechanical folk art horse that Daryl Minor of Bennington made for me.   You turn the crank, and the horse trots for as long as you turn the crank.  Wouldn’t it be fun to hook him up to an engine?  I brought it to Cannon Mountain. I think it is time for it to see Dublin!

Today I’m headed up to Dublin to shoot some pre-show pictures and find out what really goes on. I’ll add another post once I find out!

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