You Found Us!

We’re an eclectic mix of people who all enjoy vintage gas and steam engines, tractors, farm and industrial equipment and antique vehicles.  If you have any of these, bring them to a show so we can see them!

We hold two shows a year.  One is held the first weekend in June in a field at the base of Cannon Mountain, NH, and the other is in a large field in Dublin, NH on Route 101 held the second weekend in September.  People from all over New England have come to this show for over forty years.

One thought on “You Found Us!

  1. looking for 1971 show poster with 1 1/2 hp sandwich on it. the sandwich belonged to William Schoppe, my father .it was the first engine he owned when he past it went to my older brother. I now have it and want a copy of that poster it was the first year I went to shows. Like to see ya all in 2015 with the sandwich and poster. Thanks for readin this . Stephen J Schoppe

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